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* DA/TA Quick Start


This LibGuide is designed for DAs and TAs that will be assisting faculty with their course setup.

Getting Started: Set up a course LATTE page

Learning objective:  Assist in setting up a course page and add materials and resources for students to access.


Training materials:


  1. Configure course settings
  2. Turn editing mode on
  3. Upload the course syllabus
  4. Import Previous Course Materials/Resources into New Course Shell 
  5. Create a backup of a course and restore backed up course data

Creating Activities & Questionnaires

  1. Create a questionnaire to survey students using a wide range of question types
  2. Recover accidentally deleted materials
  3. Add Activities and Resources

Course Section Additions

  1. Edit a Course Section
  2. Move items in a course with many activities


Additional Information

You can switch your role to that of a student, and view the LATTE page how a student would see the page.

To switch your role, 

  1. Click on your name near the top right of the LATTE site
  2. Select the "Switch Role To" option in the dropdown menu
  3. Select "Student" from the list of available roles.
  4. You will now be impersonating the student role. You can choose the "logout" from the same dropdown menu to return to your normal role in the course shell.