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Learning and Teaching Technology Environment (LATTE), the Brandeis learning management system, is a Moodle-based learning platform that enables faculty and students to engage in an online education environment. All of your courses will be hosted in LATTE. This guide provides an overview of the system, how your courses will look in it, and tips for navigating your courses.


How to Use This Guide

Learning objective:  Assist faculty members in learning about tools and features in LATTE for setting up their course pages. 

For Fall 2021, Brandeis is using a new template for all courses. The navigation tabs on the left provide information about the template and step-by-step instructions to set up your courses. This documentation is continuously being updated and expanded to better support you in this process.

Guide to Links

Some links in this guide require you to be logged in to your Brandeis account in order to view them. To the right of each link is a padlock icon which indicates whether it's openly available or only to logged-in faculty. If you have trouble accessing a link or document, please check that you are logged in through your Brandeis account before requesting access. Hovering over these icons next to links will display a tooltip to remind you what each lock icon means.

Restricted resource. Must log in with a Brandeis username and password.

 Freely available resource. Brandeis username and password not required.


ITS has developed the Learn LATTE course which offers a collection of tutorials and reference documents about LATTE. When you get to the site, agree to the self-enroll button (if it pops up). This will enroll you for 6 months into the Learn LATTE tutorial course, after which you are welcome to click on the same link to re-enroll yourself. 


While all of the content in the Learn LATTE course is helpful, the sctions below will guide you toward the pages that will be particularly relevant for your work as a Faculty Member.