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Group Work


Perusall is a collaboration tool where students can review and comment on content that has been posted by the instructor.

Perusall automatically groups students in the course into smaller "discussion groups", by default with about 20 students. Students will only see the comments of other students in their group, plus any threads that an instructor has started. This is to ensure that:

  1. Students see enough comments so that they can get into a good discussion of the text.
  2. Students don't see too many comments that it is overwhelming to read and process.


Reviewing student groups

To see the groups that students have been placed into:

  1. Click on the Library tab on the course home page.
  2. Click to select a document, and then click the Groups button in the panel.

Automatic vs Manual groups

If you prefer to manually place students into groups, you can do so under the Grouping tab of the course settings. Here you can manually assign students to groups by entering a group number next to each student in your roster. For example, to place students A, B, C, and D into two groups, you could assign students A and B to group 1 and students C and D to group 2. Students that enroll in your course after you set the groups will be placed into one of the groups at random, but you can change this in the Grouping tab at any time.

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