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* Student Quick Start


Instructors use assignment activities in a LATTE course shell to collect submissions electronically for a given assignment. Your course will have multiple assignment activities.

Submitting Assignments

  1. Click on the name of the assignment 
  2. Scroll down and click the Add submission button.
  3. Most of your courses will ask you to upload a file. Drag and drop your file into the upload area. 
  4. Click Save changes and your assignment will be submitted for grading by your instructor

IMPORTANT Only upload the file type requested by your instructor. If you are submitting a paper or essay, only upload DOC or PDF files to ensure your instructor can open it.

Assignment file types and submissions (Box, Drive)

Learning Objective: Assist students in submitting the correct files of their work in a Box or Drive format.

The Quick Start Tutorial on file submissions is the best place to review the file types that can be submitted in LATTE.


Assignments are used for assessment of the course's materials.

These assignments are submitted in the course area under assignments that are set up by instructors.

The Quick Start Guide on Assignments is a great place to explore the different types of Assignments that are offered in LATTE.