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Guide to Using Artstor at Brandeis

This guide was originally created in September 2006 by Deborah Vincelli at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who graciously offered to share it with Brandeis University. It has been altered by Darwin Scott & Lisa Zeidenberg to fit Brandeis community needs

Levels of Access

What are the levels of access for users of Artstor?

There are two levels of access for Arstor users.

Unregistered users:

  • No registration or login is required
  • Can find and view images

Registered Users

  • access the Digital Library remotely for up to 120 days
  • save, organize and share images using Groups
  • download individual images or export entire Groups through the download to zip file or PowerPoint feature
  • add your own content to a Personal Collection

Remote access to Artstor

If you have accessed Artstor remotely within the past year, and you have linked your personal Artstor account to the Brandeis Library institutional Artstor account, you can log in remotely via institutional access. Select Brandeis University from the list of institutions listed on the right side of the Artstor login page. This will take you directly to the Artstor homepage.

If you have not linked your personal Artstor account to the Brandeis Library institutional Artstor account, or you don't have a personal Artstor account, then you will be asked either to link your existing personal Artstor account, or to set up a new one. You can also use your Artstor personal account, or your JSTOR account, to log into Artstor from off campus, although the access method above is preferred.

First Steps

How do I start the database?

To use Artstor, click "Artstor Digital Library" on the upper right. This opens the Artstor home page, where you can begin your search.

How can I use the Artstor images that I find?

To view Artstor's detailed guidelines for using its images, click on the Terms & Conditions link bottom of the home page, in the center. You can also read Artstor's guide to Permitted and Prohibited Uses.

What does my computer have to have to operate Artstor correctly?

You can view the technical requirements for Artstor here.

If your computer does not meet all of the requirements listed, please call the Help Desk at 781-736-HELP (4357), or submit an online computer help request (requires login).

How to Register

How Do I Register?

Once you've entered the Artstor Digital Library, click the "Register" on the upper right corner. You will be prompted to enter your email address (you can use any email address you wish) and a password of your choosing. Once you have registered, you will be able to logon to your account every time you use Artstor.

More on registering for an Artstor account (from the Artstor Support site)

More on Accessing Artstor

More about accessing Artstor (from the ARTstor Support site)