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Assignments and Assessments


This Guide is an overview of assessment tools available to faculty members. LATTE has several assessment tools built-in, such as the Assignment and Quiz tools. There are also other tools added into LATTE by faculty request, such as VoiceThread, Perusall, and H5P, which are included in the guide.

Override for Student Accommodations

Directions for adding an override to any assessment or quiz in LATTE to add extra time or change a due date:
1. Navigate to your LATTE course page
2. Click on the assignment or assessment activity where you want to apply an override
3. Select the Actions menu  
4. Select User overrides
5. Click Add user override
6. Enter the student’s name in the Search box
7. Select the student’s name from the list of search results
8. Adjust the settings you want to override. You can adjust the following:

  • Require password: unique password for just this particular student
  • Open the quiz, Close the quiz: separate open/close dates that apply only for a particular student
  • Time limit: duration that student has for taking the quiz, or there is an option to disable to give the student an unlimited amount of time
  • Attempts allowed: how many attempts this particular student is allowed
  • Revert to quiz defaults: reverts the settings back

9. Click Save (or Save and enter another override)

Exam Information

This information is provided by the Registrar about scheduling exams:  These are not obligatory, so we survey instructors at the start of the term to determine which courses require a final exam during Finals Week. We process the results to determine the date and time for all final exams. (We assign exam slots to reduce the conflicts for students, which otherwise necessitate make-up exams.) If you are scheduled for an exam during Finals Week, then you must allow the full 3 hours for the students to complete the exam – regardless of whether you design the exam to be shorter. Please note that NO obligatory activities may be scheduled for the Study Days that precede Finals Week. Students may not take a final exam early. We try to post the final exam schedule as early as we possibly can in the term, so that students and instructors can make travel plans, so please respond to our surveys promptly.