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Assignments and Assessments


Quizzes created with LATTE’s built-in Quiz tool can be used to administer assessments and evaluate student understanding of course material. A LATTE Quiz consists of a Quiz activity that contains one or more questions from the course's Question Bank.

Quizzes can be used for a wide range of assessments – from simple knowledge checks to comprehensive exams. Based on the question types, timing options, and visibility settings you choose, a LATTE Quiz can fill a variety of assessment needs.

The Three Components of Quiz Development

Quiz Activity

A Quiz Activity, which can be added from the + Add an activity or resource menu, serves as the container for the assessment and determines when and how the assessment will be accessed. Quiz settings can be modified to set a time limit, allow for one or multiple attempts per student, determine when points and correct answers are displayed to students, and more.

Question Bank

All questions that are created in or imported into a course are stored in that course's Question Bank, where they can be retrieved to be used and reused in Quiz Activities in the same course. Every LATTE course has a Question Bank. This is where all the questions created in the course are stored for review, editing, and reuse in Quiz Activities.
For ease of use, the Question Bank can be organized with Categories. A new question Category is created for each Quiz Activity in the course; you can organize and nest these Categories and create manual question Categories not associated with a particular quiz from the Categories tab in the Question Bank. Individual questions can then be moved into specific Categories to keep them organized and streamline the process of adding them to Quiz Activities.


Questions make up the content of a Quiz. There are a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, matching, and calculated questions. Most question types in LATTE are designed for automatic grading and have specific question and answer parameters, but Essay questions must be graded manually. Explore the list of question types to find the ones that work best for your assessment needs.

Basic Quiz Setup

The first step to building a LATTE Quiz is to create the Quiz Activity, which will serve as the container for your questions and control various settings about how the Quiz will behave. 

  1. Begin on your course page with editing turned on.
  2. In the section where you want to add your Quiz, select + Add an activity or resource, and choose Quiz from the activity selection grid.
  3. On the Quiz creation page, give the Quiz a title. You can add a description and files, if needed.
  4. Expand the other sections to select the settings you want.
    • Note: The default settings for a Quiz in LATTE produce a quiz with no time limits and no restrictions on retakes. Students can repeat the quiz, moving freely between questions, each on a different page. The students' scores, all correct answers, and feedback will display once they have completed the quiz.
    • To change any of these defaults, and for more information on configuring your quiz, see the Quiz Settings guide linked below.
  5. Click Save and display.

The Quiz Activity has been created and is ready to be populated with questions. Proceed to Step 2: Adding Questions when ready.

Once the Quiz Activity is created, it can be populated with questions. You can create new questions as you add them to the Quiz, or you can bring in already-created questions from your course Question Bank.

  1. First, click on the Quiz Activity you created to open it. Select Edit Quiz to begin editing the content of the Quiz.
  2. To add a question, click Add on the right side of the page. A drop-down menu with three options will appear:
    • + a new question allows you to create a new question and immediately add it to the Quiz
    • + from question bank allows you to add an already-created question from the Question Bank
    • + a random question allows you to choose a category from your Question bank, from which a random question will be selected for each student
  3. Whichever option you choose, follow the prompts to create or select the desired question. If you need guidance, see the Question Types guide linked below.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for as many questions as you need.
  5. When all questions have been added, note the Total of marks; this gives a count of all the available points in the Quiz. The points each student earns will be scaled to match the Maximum grade. If you want, you can change the Maximum Grade here to match the Total of marks or to be a specific number you choose, such as 100.