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Find Full Text Articles

This guide describes how to access full text articles through Google Scholar, OneSearch, and more

Connect Google Scholar to Brandeis Library

Google Scholar is a simple place to search for full text because it allows you to search open access resources and the Brandeis library's subscriptions at the same time.

You can adjust your settings to connect Google Scholar to the Brandeis library, which will ensure that you'll get full access to Brandeis' subscriptions. Follow these steps to change your settings.

Alternatively, you can use the link above or the link on the library's Databases A-Z page. These links will automatically add Get It @ Brandeis links to Google Scholar.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page. All steps are listed on this page in text format.

1. Go to Google Scholar and click on "Settings" in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Library Links."

3. Type "Brandeis" into the search bar.

4. Select "Brandeis University - GetIt @ Brandeis!"

5. Click "Save."

Once you set it up, you'll see GetIt @ Brandeis links in Google Scholar. This is the fastest way to check all of the library's subscriptions to see if we have full text access.

If it says no full text, get it through Interlibrary Loan! (See the Get materials Brandeis doesn't have section of this page for more information). 

GetIt @ Brandeis link in Google Scholar. All information in this image is available on this page in text format.