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Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Research Guide

The Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, founded in 2007, is dedicated to promoting exemplary teaching and scholarship in Israeli history, politics, culture, and society at Brandeis University and beyond.

Israel State Archives

The Israel State Archives is the National Archive of Israel, located in Jerusalem. It contains records dating to the Turkish period until the present time. Also of note is a large British Mandate collection, which is mostly in English, and records of government and many other public bodies from the founding of the State until today. The Israel State Archives also house private archives, audiovisual material such as photographs and maps, video clips and a variety of publications in Hebrew and English on subjects ranging from foreign policy to football and theater. 

This archive is often a first stop for Israel Studies researchers. Luckily now one does not need even leave their home to visit the archive. If a particular collection is not already available online, users can order materials, and it will be declassified, scanned, and uploaded for them on demand. The archive has published a English language guide with instructions on how to order digital materials. 

Hebrew and Arabic printed text with three signatures
The last page of the Israel-Egyptian Peace Treaty, 26 March 1979. Courtesy of the Israel State Archives.


Here are a few examples of publications that may be of interest to readers:

National Library of Israel Resources

The National Library of Israel, equivalent to the Library of Congress in the United States, is an incredible resource with dozen of special collections ranging from ancient texts to modern wonders, many of which have been digitized and are free for users all over the world. Here, we highlight a few of the collections most relevant for Israel Studies that are not listed elsewhere in our guide. We recommend creating a free account for the best results, which you can do here. For a special guide for North American and English visitors to the website, check out their NLI USA website. 

Hebrew handwriting on old-looking paper
Original text of "Tikvatenu," which became "HaTikvah," Israel's national anthem, by Naftali Herz Imber. From the Schwadron Collection
at the National Library of Israel.

Israel-related Resources

Relevant American Jewish Resources

One of the most important aspects of Israel Studies is the relationship of Israel and the Diaspora. The following resource, while are not strictly dedicated to Israel Studies, contain significant materials related to American Zionism and the relationship between American Jewry and Israel.