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Researching Waltham: Resources for Research, Teaching, and Learning

A collection of resources about the City of Waltham to help students, faculty, and other partners engage with their surrounding community.

Recommended Reading

To learn more about Waltham and its history, we conducted a literature search using OneSearch, Brandeis Library's tool for exploring databases. Here are some key pieces, which we have included in the Zotero library attached below.

If you would like to conduct your own literature search using OneSearch, here is a list of possible search terms that yield results about Waltham, Massachusetts. 

  • “Waltham Massachusetts”
  • “Waltham, MA”
  • "Waltham, Massachusetts"
  • “Waltham, Mass” and “History”
  • (“Waltham, Massachusetts”) NOT (“Academic Press”)
  • (“Waltham Massachusetts”) AND (Service Learning) AND (race OR ethnicity)

Expanding Your Search

Beyond the recommended literature provided above, check out these community resources that might be helpful in broadening your search or may lead you on a new, unexpected path.

Newspaper Coverage

Library Databases

For access to other data sets pertaining to the City of Waltham or other areas of Massachusetts, check out the collection of links below.