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Researching Waltham: Resources for Research, Teaching, and Learning

A collection of resources about the City of Waltham to help students, faculty, and other partners engage with their surrounding community.


The Department of Community Service is dedicated to providing students, faculty and staff with relevant volunteer experiences that match the needs of our neighbors, as well as the skills and interests of our student volunteers. The department seeks to establish sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with local social service, governmental, educational and cultural agencies as we advise and support community service initiatives Our endeavors include fostering a community member who is civically engaged as an advocate, volunteer and educated citizen. We strive to embody the mission of the university and core values of the Dean of Students Office through experiential service opportunities, collaboration with the academy and intentional reflection.

Image Left: Student brainstorms working with a community partner in Waltham.

Image Right: DCS table informing students of community engagement opportunities here at Brandeis.

Mission, Core Competencies, and Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement: The Department of Community Service empowers Brandeis students to be lifelong engaged citizens and reflective thinkers through predominantly co-curricular community engaged leadership programs. The department’s initiatives aim to create reciprocal community partnerships that strive toward positive social change. Student learning will be focused on the following core competencies and student learning outcomes.

  • Reflective Thinking: Students will develop a reflective practice that enables them to think critically.
  • Engaged Global Citizenship: Students will develop a greater sense of social and ethical responsibility for the greater community at a local, national, and international level through active lifelong community engagement.
  • Self-Identity & Awareness: Students will explore their social identities with an informed value system and and welcome diverse perspectives and experiences to inform their position within a community.
  • Professional Skills: Students will develop skills and can identify how those skills are transferable to their professional endeavors.
  • Connection and Belonging: Students will develop a sense of belonging to members of the Brandeis and Waltham communities.

Signature Programs

As you learn about and explore Waltham, there are a variety of direct service and advocacy programs that may align with your interests.  You can learn more about the Waltham Group, student-led service clubs, and signature fellowships and programs on the Department of Community Service website.  You can also discover more about Waltham by attending the department’s Waltham: The More You Know training workshop, where you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the diversity, strengths, history, opportunities, and needs of the city through engaging in discussion-based activities and interactive presentations.


Students and coordinators of Waltham Group at Team Day in fall of 2019.

Community Partnerships

The Department of Community Service is thankful for an array of community partners who serve as community assets and resources for community engagement work at Brandeis.  These partners serve as mentors, advisors, supervisors, thought partners and researchers with our students, faculty, and staff.  We are committed to ensure that this resource provides a home base for their efforts. You can learn more about our community and our community partner commitments on our website.


DCS staff and community partners at the Community Partner Breakfast.

Staffing and Contact Information

The Department of Community Service is located on the 2nd floor of the Shapiro Campus Center. All community partners and members of the Brandeis community can contact us Monday through Friday 9-5PM at 781-736-3237 or, or you can email any staff member directly. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @deis_dcs.