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WGS 182b: Feminist Bioethics: Social Justice and Equity in Health Care

A quick guide to resources for WGS 182b, "Feminist Bioethics: Social Justice and Equity in Health Care," taught by Prof. Beth Clark in Fall 2020.

Brandeis Library OneSearch

Find Scholarly Articles

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Search terms

For PubMed specifically, here is a search string using Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH, that you can use to turn up relevant articles on feminist bioethics:

(feminism [mh] AND (empathy [mh] OR ethics [mh:noexp] OR ethics, professional [mh] OR ethics, medical [mh] OR bioethics))

Investigate other MeSH terms to help you research your specific topic.

Many thanks to the Bioethics Research Library at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University for providing the above search string on their guide to Feminist Bioethics.

In any database, try some of the following terms.  What other terms can you think of, based on the reading you have done so far?

  • Feminist bioethics
  • Care ethics or “ethics of care”
  • Relational ethics
  • Reproductive ethics

Suggested Journals

Find journals by title in Brandeis Library OneSearch.

Find Background Information

Find Data and Statistics

Google Scholar

Use the "Cited by" link that appears under a search result in Google Scholar to find articles and books that have cited the source in the result. This is a great way to get a sense of the conversation happening among scholars on your topic!

Shows a search result from Google Scholar with the "Cited by" link highlighted

Other Helpful Resources