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LaTeX with Overleaf

Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool that makes the whole process of academic writing, editing and publishing much quicker and easier.

Get Support

Contact  for support with LaTeX and Overleaf, including integrations with GitHub and accessibility options for teaching with LaTeX.

Collaborating on Overleaf

See the Overleaf Guide on Sharing a Project for step-by-step instructions on 

  • How to share a link to view or edit a project
  • How to share a project with collaborators

Collaborating across LaTeX platforms

There may be occasions where users are collaborating across different LaTeX platforms due to preference or accessibility reasons.

In this case, LaTeX file sharing can be facilitated through the Overleaf Git-Bridge, an Overleaf integration with

See the Overleaf guide on Using Git and GitHub for more details.


Requirements on the collaborator using

  • Subscription account

  • Free account


Requirements on the collaborator using local LaTeX or text editor:

  • Free account

  • LaTeX editor that meets accessibility requirements, or any accessible text editor if LaTeX is not required to be compiled (e.g. Student O could compile the LaTeX code and share the pdf via GitHub repository.)

Workflow for Collaboration between Overleaf and another LaTeX platform

Collaborator on

  1. Go to > Account > Account Settings


Screenshot of Overleaf Account Menu


  1. Select “Link to your GitHub account”Screenshot of GitHub Integration

  2. Authorize Overleaf GitHub Sync by clicking “Authorize overleaf”Screenshot of GitHub Sync Authorization

  3.  Confirm access with GitHub password 

  4. Establish a private repository on with LaTeX files (e.g. project or assignment files provided by an instructor)  This example repository is named gitbridge

Screenshot of GitHub Repository

  1. On > New Project > Import from GitHub

Screenshot of Overleaf Import from GitHub


  1. Select the repository to Import to Overleaf

  2.  Work on LaTeX files in

  1. When ready to share work with collaborators, go to Menu > Sync - GitHub.  

  2. Push Overleaf changes to GitHub

  3. Screenshot of Push Overleaf changes to GitHub


  1. Go to repository Settings > Manage access > Invite a collaborator to share your files with a collaborator

Screenshot of GitHub access settings


Collaborater using another LaTeX platform:

  1. A collaborator using a different platform can accept the emailed invitation to collaborate on their free account.

  2. The collaborator can click Code > Download ZIP files from GitHub, or Open them with GitHub Desktop (free) without knowledge of Git version control commands or bash shell.Screenshot of GitHub Download ZIP


  1. Extracting the downloaded zip file is a commonplace practice.  The student can unzip and edit LaTeX files with an accessible LaTeX editor or text editor.  Alternatively, the student could use GitHub Desktop.

  2. On gitbridge repository, Add file > Upload files > Choose your files to upload files (with same filenames).  Now, the files are ready for your collaborator!

Screenshot of drag files to add to repository

Accessible LaTeX Editors

  • -  a graphical interface for MikTeX 

  • Linux: SZS LaTeX Editor -  a graphical interface for PDFLaTeX tool

  • Suggestion instructions for installing PDFLaTeX on Ubuntu:

    • Install the TexLive base sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base

    • Also install the recommended and extra fonts when trying to use pdflatex on latex files with more fonts.

      • sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended

      • sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-extra

    • Install the extra packages, sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra

    • Once installed as above, you may be able to create PDF files from latex sources using pdflatex latex_source_name.tex

Collaborate with Overleaf

Collaboration tools

  • One version of your project accessible to collaborators via a shared link or email invitation
  • Easily select the level of access for collaborators (view, edit, or owner access)
  • Real-time commenting speeds up the review process
  • Tracked changes and full history view help to see contributions from collaborators
  • Labels help to organize and compare different versions
  • Chat in real time with collaborators right within the project