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Grading and Providing Feedback


Gradescope is a remote assessment tool that enables you to seamlessly administer, collect, and grade all of your assessments. Gradescope helps you save time grading, grade more consistently, and get a clear picture of how your students are doing. It supports fully online assignments where no paper is required, paper-based assignments, assignments combining online and paper-based approaches, or programming assignments. 

How To

Set up your course in Gradescope

  1. Click Create a Course 
  2. Then, fill in all of the details of your course (including the course number and name)
  3. Then, click Create Course.

Setting up your Roster in Gradescope

1. Click on Roster in your Gradebook course.


2. Then click Add Students and Staff in the bottom right-hand corner.



3. Click Single User or CSV file. You can download your Brandeis Gradebook as a CSV file and upload it here.


4. If you clicked CSV file, then you would need to load the file on this page and click Submit.

Assignment Setup

Set up an assignment in Gradescope

1. In your course shell, click Create Assignment 

2. Then, you can select your assignment type 


3. For Example: If you wanted to create an Exam or Quiz, you would click the first option. Then, click Next.


4. Then, you would name your Exam/Quiz and decide on if you want to Enable Anonymous Grading and who will be submitting the assignment. In most cases, it is the student that submits the assignment.


5. Then, click Create Assignment.