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VoiceThread is a tool for having asynchronous conversations over media within LATTE. Instructors and students can upload media files as slides and share their thoughts via voice, webcam, or text. The class can then comment on the slides to join the conversation! 

There are three types of VoiceThread assignments: 

  1. Create: Require students to create a full VoiceThread with slides and recoded comments. Creating assignments are best for: 
    • Student presentations 
    • Group work
    • Submitting work to receive asynchronous verbal feedback from peers or the instructor 
  2. Comment: Require students to post comments on a VoiceThread created by the instructor. Commenting assignments are great for:  
    • Discussions about a topic 
    • Quizzes or comprehension checks
    • Speaking practice 
  3.  Watch: Require students to watch a VoiceThread created by the instructor. Watching assignments are helpful for: 
    • Recorded lectures 
    • Reviewing the syllabus 
    • Step-by-step instruction and training 

IMPORTANT: VoiceThread will work best in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Safari and Microsoft Edge do not allow audio or video to be recorded in VoiceThread. 

Media Types

VoiceThread allows for multiple types of media to be uploaded as slides. There is a 3GB size limit for each file. You can include: 

  • Presentations (PPT, PPTX, OPD, and PDF) 
  • Documents (DOC, DOCX, PDF, ODT, XLS, XLSX, and ODS formats) 
  • Images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, and BMP formats)
  • Websites (via link) 
  • Videos (most formats) 
  • Audio files (MP3 or WAV formats) 

VoiceThread also allows importing media from other services. You can share from the following sources: 

  • Other VoiceThreads 
  • Flickr 
  • Google Drive 
  • New York Public Library 

Adding VoiceThread to LATTE

Adding a VoiceThread activity to LATTE is a two-step process. 

IMPORTANT: The course instructor must create the VoiceThread activity in LATTE. If a TA does this, the LATTE course will be linked to the TA’s VoiceThread account and not the instructor’s.

1. Navigate to your LATTE course and click the Turn editing on button 

2. Click Add an activity or resource

3. Select VoiceThread from the activity list and click Add

4. A new page will load with settings for your VoiceThread activity. Enter the activity name and adjust any other settings. 

 Voicethread activity setting page

OPTIONAL: Click show more to change the Launch Container setting to a new window to have the VoiceThread activity open in a new tab. 

Launch container dropdown menu with new window highlighted

5. Click Save and return to course

Please continue the instructions in Step 2: Configure Your Activity

Once you have created your VoiceThread activity, you should see the link on your LATTE course page. 

1. Click the name of the VoiceThread activity. 

2. VoiceThread Setup should open (either in the same or a new tab depending on your settings in step 1) 

VoiceThread Setup with four options: Course view, Ind VT, Home, Assignment

3. Select the type of VoiceThread activity you would like to create: 

  • Course View: Will bring students to a list of all VoiceThreads shared with the class 
  • Individual VT: Will bring students to a single VoiceThread you have created 
  • VT Home: Will bring students to their VoiceThread home page 
  • Assignment Builder: Will direct an instructor to create a VoiceThread assignment

Most instructors will select Assignment Builder at this step. 

Note: There are three types of VoiceThread assignments- Create, Comment, and Watch. 

4. Follow the links below for more detailed directions on each activity option. 


When setting up a create-a-VoiceThread assignment, check the "Student Gallery" option to allow students to view one another's VoiceThreads after they are submitted. This new feature eliminates the extra step for students to share VoiceThreads with the class. 

Student Gallery checkbox

VoiceThread Universal

VoiceThread Universal is an HTML version of VoiceThread that is made for students who use screen readers as an accessibility accomodation. 

There are several ways for students to access VoiceThread Universal: 

  1. When logged into Voicethread, click on "Universal" at the bottom of the VT Home page 
  2. Enter into the web browser's address bar 
  3. Make VoiceThread Universal the default site 

To change preferences to set VoiceThread Universal as the default site when logged in: 

  1. Go to the VT Home page.
  2. Click on your email address in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select “Display Preferences” from the menu.
  4. Under the Accessibility section, select “VoiceThread Universal” from the menu.

VoiceThread accessibility preferences drop down menu

External Resources

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