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Structured Query Language (SQL) for Databases

Structured Query Language (SQL) for Databases

SQL is a language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS). It is particularly useful in handling structured data, i.e. data incorporating relations among entities and variables.

Installing SQL

There are many ways to use SQL.  Here, we provide installation for the UNIX shell, plus SQLite3 or DB Browser for SQLite.

  • Mac Users:  If you are running macOS you should already have SQLite installed. You can run sqlite3 --version in a terminal to confirm that it is available. You can also download DB Browser for SQLite from their website

  • Linux Users: If you are running Linux, you may already have SQLite3 installed, please use the command which sqlite3 to see the path of the program, otherwise you should be able to get it from your package manager (on Debian/Ubuntu, you can use the command apt install sqlite3).

  • Windows Users:  If you are running Windows, run installers as administrator. Additionally, make sure you select the right installer version for your system. 

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