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UWS 50b: Public Health Writing with Data

Searching for Health Data

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can find data and statistics in a lot of different places. The best places to search will depend on your topic. Ask a librarian for suggestions if you're not sure or if you're having trouble!
  • It takes time to collect, analyze, and publish data. The most recent statistics on your topic might be a few years old.

Tips for Google searching:

  • Try using words like report, summary, overview, and snapshot to find statistics.
  • Search for government agencies or organizations that specialize in an area related to your topic and see if any statistics are available on their website.
  • Adding site:org or site:gov to your search will search for sites ending in .org or .gov. 
  • Do some research on the source. If you're not familiar with the agency or organization, look at the website with a critical eye (the About Us section can be helpful with this). Do a side search on the organization to see what others have to say.
  • If you find a source that cites another source, see if you can trace it back to the original source.

Places to Start