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UWS 52B: Environmental Justice / Climate Justice

Resources for the study of environmental justice and climate justice at Brandeis. Course guide created for Katrin Fischer by Lisa Zeidenberg, Creative Arts Librarian

Brandeis Library OneSearch Catalog

Results from a search of the Brandeis OneSearch Library Catalog include eBooks and articles the library has access to, along with items from our print collection and other library-owned resources.

Suggested search terms

Selected search terms for environmental justice topics:

air pollution
chemical plants
climate change
climate justice
contaminated air
contaminated water
environmental hazards
environmental justice
environmental racism
indigenous peoples
marginalized communities
waste management

Search tips

  • Remember to enclose search phrases in quotes:

"cancer alley"

This ensures that the database will return results that include the entire phrase

"cancer alley"

rather than records that contain both of these words, but not your search phrase:

records that include the word "cancer" and the word "alley" but not the phrase "cancer alley"

Doing this will help you avoid sifting through irrelevant results.

  • To search for more than one variant of a term, use truncation:

respon* will search for

respond, responders, response and responses

The database searches for any word that begins with the letters that precede the truncation symbol (in this case, an asterisk). Some databases use other symbols, such as a question mark, for truncation.

  • You can also expand searches by including related terms in an "or" search:

ex. underrepresented OR minorities 

See the box on Boolean Logic for more about this search technique.