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ArcGIS StoryMaps

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Add Content

StoryMaps content (e.g., text, images, maps, etc.) are added as individual content blocks. You can add your initial content block by clicking the Add Content Block icon (+) next to "Tell your story..."

Add content block.

Subsequent content blocks can be added to your story map by clicking the Add content block (+) icon. You can add content before, after, and in-between existing content blocks. You can also drag-and-drop most content blocks if you want to reorder the placement of items throughout your story.



Publish your StoryMap

The final step to creating your story map is to publish it. This will allow you to set the sharing permissions for your overall story map and any embedded content (e.g., web map). If you make any additional edits after publishing your story map, you'll need to click the Publish button again to apply those changes.

  1. Click the Publish button in the StoryMaps builder.
    Publish button.
  2. The default sharing setting is Private. This means that your story map is only visible to you.
  3. You can update your sharing settings to share with a wider audience:
    • Organization: Your story map will be visible to anyone at Brandeis. Viewers will need to sign into their Brandeis ArcGIS Online account to view your story map.
    • Everyone (Public): Your story map is visible to everyone. 
    • Group Sharing: Share content with members of an ArcGIS Online group. You can provide read-only access to your story map or editing access if you are a member of a shared update group. See Collaborate on a StoryMap for more information about using ArcGIS Online Groups. 

Note: When you share your story map, you'll need to make sure that any added content (e.g., ArcGIS Online web maps, feature layers, etc.) are also set to the same sharing permissions. The software will automatically ask you if you want to update the sharing settings for any embedded content. If prompted, click Yes, Share these Items. If you don't update these settings, your content won't be visible to others when they view your story map.

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