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ENG 146A: Reading the American Revolution StoryMaps Project

Add an Express Map

Express Maps are another helpful feature within ArcGIS StoryMaps. You can use the annotation tools in Express Maps to highlight specific locations on a map, add text descriptions, or use arrows to show your viewers the recommended path for your guided tour. Express maps are saved directly within a single story map, so they can't be exported or reused in other story maps. 

Create an Express Map

  1. Go to the StoryMaps Builder, click the Add Content Block icon (+) , then select Map.
    Map Content Block.
  2. On the Add a map page, click + New Express Map located toward the top right of the screen.
    New express map.
  3. The Express Maps map viewer will display. A pop-up window will provide a basic overview of using express maps. 
  4. You can use the search bar in express maps to search for locations by place name, street address, or coordinates. The location search bar won't work for historical place names (unless they're the same as the contemporary place names), so you'll need search for those locations using the longitude and latitude coordinates for the location (in that order).
    Search by location search bar.
  5. Once you search for a location using the search bar, a point symbol for that location will be added to your map. You can click the point symbol to open a sidebar panel where you can customize the symbol, add an associated image and description, etc.
    Edit express map viewer. Use the annotation toolbar to manually add point, lines, polygons, and arrows to your map. Click the style menu to change the point symbol used in your map.
  6. Click the Options tab in the sidebar panel to access additional map configuration settings (e.g., add a legend, change the basemap, etc.)
    Map Options.
  7. You can change the background reference map (basemap) under the More Options tab. You can select from the StoryMaps basemap gallery or use the basemap from ArcGIS Online or the Living Atlas of the World.
    Select basemap.
  8. When you've finished creating your express map, click Done to add your express map to your story map. 
  9. After you've added your express map to your story map, you can move your cursor over the embedded map to view the map's menu bar. You can use this menu bar to adjust the size of the map, open up the express map editor, and add alt text for your map.
    Map menu bar.