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Archival Resources of Brandeis University

This guide will help you discover the University's archival resources and how to use them. From primary sources to Brandeis publications to digitized materials, your archival research starts here.

University Archivist

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Submitting your Senior Honors Theses

Submitting your Senior Thesis Electronically

Senior honors theses may be submitted to the Archives electronically, and they appear in the Brandeis Institutional Repository. Please note that only the final version is to be submitted electronically; electronic submission is a parallel option to submitting a paper copy of the thesis to the University Archives, upon approval from each department or program. Theses will still be submitted to senior thesis defense committees for review by whatever method the committee prefers. Electronic submission to the Institutional Repository is the final step in the process, after all corrections have been made.

Please include a cover sheet based on the template you will find in the yellow box (on the left of this page) with your thesis submission. There is a space on the cover sheet for the signatures of your thesis advisor and committee members. Your thesis must be submitted as a PDF. Be sure to follow the instructions for naming the PDF file.

You can download instructions for submitting your thesis electronically here, or in the yellow box on the left of this page.

Submitting a paper copy to the Archives

If your department or program has requested that you submit a paper copy of your thesis to the Archives, bring a clean copy (no staples, holes, or bindings of any sort) of the final version along with your signed release form to the Archives & Special Collections department on Goldfarb Level 2. Release forms are available from your departmental administrator and on our website.

You may also send your thesis to us by inter-campus mail, or by post. Our inter-campus mailbox number is MS 045, and our mailing address is: Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Library and Technology Services MS 045, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 02454-9100.

While we do require that you fill out the top part of the thesis release form (granting us permission to have a copy of your thesis), you are not required to sign the bottom portion indicating that you allow us to photocopy your thesis for other researchers. However, we do strongly encourage you to grant such permission as we receive many photocopy requests from researchers around the world who are interested in the topics our students write about. These researchers are required to fill out a form indicating that they will not violate your copyright, and they have permission to use the material for educational purposes only.

Your thesis will be bound, cataloged in OneSearch, and housed permanently in the University Archives, usually by the end of the following semester.

Finding Theses and Dissertations

Finding Theses and Dissertations

Senior honors theses are easiest to find using the Advanced Search in the OneSearch Library Catalog Tab. You may search for a specific thesis by author or title. To search for theses by department, do the following keyword search: senior honors thesis AND dept of ______ (your department of interest). OneSearch will then retrieve all available theses produced in that department. To view the results in reverse chronological order (most recent first), change the display option to "Date-newest.

If you know the particular thesis or theses you’d like to use, bring a list of call numbers to the University Archives and we’ll retrieve the theses for you. You are also welcome to search for theses using the public workstation in our reading room. Theses do not circulate and must be viewed in the Archives & Special Collections reading room. We will make photocopies for you if the author has granted permission to do so; we charge $.20 per page for Brandeis affiliates and accept cash and check only.

The University Archives also houses a small collection of Masters theses, which may be searched in the catalog. As of fall 2009, all incoming Masters students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences are required to submit their theses in print and electronic format. Print theses will be maintained in the University Archives, while the electronic versions will be deposited in the Brandeis Institutional Repository. For questions regarding the submission of Masters theses, please contact Meghan Peck at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences: Like senior honors theses, Masters theses may be photocopied or downloaded if the author has granted permission in writing.

Dissertations created by Brandeis students and for use by members of the Brandeis community may be accessed directly from Dissertations and Theses at Brandeis University, a library database. Electronic copies can be reached via a link in the database and print copies are housed in the library stacks and may be borrowed by members of the Brandeis community. Print dissertations also be borrowed by participating interlibrary loan institutions by contacting

To access dissertations not written by Brandeis students there are three places they may be found:

  • For those who don’t have access to in house collections and can’t find what they need through the Open Access website ProQuest Dissertation Express allows users to buy copies of dissertations. You would need author, title or an UMI Publication number to search for it. Once you find it, you can choose from various formats to purchase including Microfilm, Microfiche, Hardcover, Softcover, Unbound or as a PDF which will give you immediate access.