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Archival Resources of Brandeis University

This guide will help you discover the University's archival resources and how to use them. From primary sources to Brandeis publications to digitized materials, your archival research starts here.

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Books and Theses on Brandeis History

Books and Theses on the History of Brandeis

Before you begin a project on the history of Brandeis University, take a look at some important works that preceded you. This approach will save you from researching facts that have already been diligently gathered by others.

Examples of books about Brandeis located in both the main stacks and University Archives include:  

Brandeis University: Chapter of its Founding, by Israel Goldstein (1951)

A Host at Last, by Abram Sachar (1976; 1995 rev. ed.)

From the Beginning: A Picture History of the First Four Decades of Brandeis University, edited by Susan Pasternack (1988) This item is now available online at

Building a Campus: An Architectural Celebration of Brandeis University's 50th Anniversary, edited by Gerald Bernstein (1999)

Brandeis University at the Beginning, by Stephen J. Whitfield (2010) 


Examples of senior honors theses about Brandeis (these require a visit to the Archives) include:  

The Architecture of Brandeis University or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation” by Max Abramovitz, by Michael Hauptman (1971)

Architecture and Planning at Brandeis University, by Ann Lorenz (1972)

The Brandeis Challenge: An History of Brandeis University, by David Alexander (1979)

The Evolution of Tradition: Brandeis Student Activism and the Vietnam War: 1960 to 1970, by Daniel Ian Weintraub (1984)

Brandeis University in the 1960s: the myth of radicalism: a historical, political perspective, by Elizabeth Orange (1988)

From Haven to ’Host’: the Origins of Brandeis University, by John Gliedman (1988)

Now and Then and Inbetween: Stories of Brandeis University, by Amy Perloff (1993)

Unlocking Doors to the Past and Future: An Architectural and Social Exploration of the Irving and Edyth Usen Castle, by Amy Debra Finstein (1998)

The Evolution of College Culture: Brandeis University, a Case Study, by Valerie Beth Kolko (2001)

Massachusetts to Mississippi: Brandeis Student Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement 1960-1964, by Deena Ecker (2004)

Brandeis University's Midlife Identity Crisis: The State of Religion at Brandeis in 2005..., by Leora Koller-Fox (2005)

Double Liminality: Questioning Religious Identity at Brandeis University, by Miriam Von Guggenberg (2010)

Other relevant publications or papers about Brandeis held by the Archives:

Academia's Golden Age: Universities in Massachusetts: 1945-1970, by Richard M. Freeland (1992)

Brandeis University's Campus: A Play Between the Traditional and Modern, by Trude Renwick (2010)


Websites and online exhibits about Brandeis History:

Remebering Ford and Sydeman Halls and The Student Occupation of Ford Hall

Brandeis at 50: A People's History

History of Master Planning at Brandeis

Building Brandeis: Style and Function of a University

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