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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Overview of Social Explorer

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With Social Explorer, you can:

  • Create maps using data sets provided by Social Explorer (e.g., carbon emissions data, U.S. historic census data, U.S. election data, World Development Indicators, etc.)
  • Upload data in .csv format to plot locations by address or by geocoordinates (i.e., latitude and longitude)
  • Create data reports and download select data sets from the site for use in other software

Get Started with Social Explorer

Brandeis Library provides access to Social Explorer through our campus network. You will need to sign up for a free user account if you'd like to access Social Explorer from off-campus, save/share your maps and projects, etc. The banner at the top of Social Explorer will display "Professional plan provided by Brandeis University" when you're logged into your account.

Social Explorer Menu Bar.

Help Resources