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Doctoral Dissertations in Brandeis Institutional Repository

The Brandeis Library has a strong relationship with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Recently, doctoral students have the option to also deposit their dissertation in the Brandeis Institutional Repository.  Brandeis dissertations are available electronically on ProQuest and microfilm copies are currently housed in Archives and Special Collections. The BIR serves as a permanent place to house your dissertation.  To date, we have 30 doctoral dissertations in the collection. 

Publishing Your Dissertations

Go to the main page of the Brandeis Institutional Repository -

On the right-hand side, under the My Account Menu, select Login. You will then enter your UNET.  

After logging in under My Account select Submissions

You will be redirected to a new page. You then will select "start a new submission". 


On the next screen, from the drop-down menu, you want to select Thesis & Dissertations > GSAS Doctoral Dissertations  

On the next page, you will enter information about your dissertation including title, advisor, department, and date of publication. Make sure that this information matches what is already in the BIR. You can search for departments and by advisor in the BIR. You want to make sure the data is consistent

Then you will be prompted to Describe your work. Please enter the appropriate keywords and subjects. These are terms you think researchers would use when trying to locate your paper. When adding subject headings, please refer to the Library of Congress’ Subject Headings -

From the drop-down menu, select the language of your dissertation.  In the abstract box, you can copy and paste your abstract from your dissertation. The last part is copyright. As the author, you hold the copyright. You want to follow the format: Copyright by Smith 2019. Then select Next.

Next, you will upload your file. Remember it must be a single PDF file with the file name format: LastnameDissertationYear. For example, SmithDissertation2019. After uploading your file, select Next. Now, you will be able to see all the information you enter and edited anything before you finalize your submission. If everything looks okay, click Next. If not, you can select Correct one of those. Once the information is ready to go, select Next.

The last page you will get is the Distribution License. After reading the license, check the box and then click Complete submission. Your submission will then be reviewed to make sure file formats and the information is in the correct format. If something needs to be changed or edited, you will be notified by an Administrator. 






Embargos may be appropriate for authors 1) who are seeking patents, 2) who want to publish their work through a traditional press that considers open access publication to be equivalent to prior publication, 3) who have published material from their work with a publisher that does not allow open access release for a certain period of time, or 4) who need to protect sensitive data or information.


If you would like your thesis to be embargoed, please contact us with the details including the length of the embargo and the reason. You can contact us at: