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BIR Collection Administrators

The Brandeis Institutional Repository is organized into various collections. Each collection has designated Administrators who will review the metadata, file formats, etc. for each item submitted to a collection. Collection Administrators will notify patrons if something needs to be edited or changed during the submission process. 

The BIR uses DSpace, which is an open-source repository application. As an administrator, there are certain workflows that need to followed when approving an item for the BIR


Step-by-step instructions for Collection Administrators


From the main BIR page -, on the right-hand side menu, under My Account, select Login. 

After you login, under My Account, you can select Submissions

On the Submissions page, scroll down toward the bottom until you see Workflow Tasks. Select the task that is sitting in you Pool. You can tell that a Submission needs Approval when the text "Awaiting Editors Approval" appears as the name of the Task. 

After you have selected the Task, select on "Take Selected Tasks". The Task will then move to "Tasks You Own" with the text "Submission being edited" 

Select "Submission being edited" and you will then be redirected to a new page. You can review the metadata, name of the file, file format, etc. and Approve, Reject, or Return to the Task Pool 

After reviewing the metadata, file format, etc. and everything meets the criteria of the department, institute, GSAS, etc., select  Approve. Once you select  Approve, you will be asked to Commit to Archive, select that on that and the work goes live.