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Adding Scholarship to a Researcer Profile

To add scholarship to a researcher profile, log in to ScholarWorks.

There are 2 places to add content:

The first one is in the top right using the Add Scholarship button:

The second is from the ADD WORK button in the Scholarship tab in the researcher profile.

Enter the asset details. The form is divided into tabs where each tab covers a different area of the asset details.

  • The Essentials: select the type of scholarship you want to deposit (journal article, book chapter, report, etc). Enter the title or an identifier (DOI, ISBN, PMID) and ScholarWorks will attempt to pull in metadata for it from a central index. 
    • Upload your files; optionally, you can choose a license, write a description for the file, set file access permissions and content type. 
  • Describe It: add a title, research topic/keywords, related people involved in creating the content, and an abstract. You can modify and add metadata here as needed.
    • If Esploro manages to find an asset based on the information you entered, it automatically enters all related metadata for that asset on the Describe It tab. The automatically filled metadata is indicated by a lightning bolt icon. 
  • Specify: add more information, like the publication status, peer-review status, and language. This tab has different fields depending on the type of content you have – for example, if you are adding a dataset, you can indicate when the data was collected and you can add additional information, like geospatial location, research methods, etc. 
  • Relations: connect this asset to an existing grant or add a new grant.
  • Review: agree to the terms and conditions, add copyright information, and add any notes that you would like to pass on Library staff about this asset.

When you are done working on the asset, click Submit in the upper-right corner. You will be able to submit only if you have filled out all of the mandatory fields. Before submitting the asset, you can select the X button at the top left of the form to exit and/or save the asset as a draft and continue working on it later. These assets are labeled "Draft" and appear in the Scholarship tab of the researcher profile.

After submitting an asset, it needs to be approved by a ScholarWorks administrator. It is labeled "In process" in the Scholarship tab of the profile until it is approved.

Assets already submitted cannot be edited from the researcher profile, though you can add additional files/links. You can also hide an asset from the researcher profile.

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