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Guide to resources for research in Asian Studies at Brandeis

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Online Chinese Dictionaries

Chinese Dictionary on CD-ROM

Hanyu Da Cidian (CD-ROM) version is available in the Main Library. The electronic version of the 12-volume printed Hanyu Da Cidian, a comprehenisve Chinese language dictionary, it contains 18,000 Chinese characters with pronunciation in Mandarin, 336,000 compound words, 23,000 idioms, 500,000 definitions and 500 pictures. About 20 different searching methods are available in the database.

You will need to take the disk and insert it into the CD-ROM drive.  When a window is displayed, choose the setup.exe file and double click it. Then follow the steps to launch the dictionary. We will soon install the setup.exe file to all the computers in the common of Main Library.  After we install the file, you will only need to insert the disk and click the Start button, choose Programs->Applications->Chinese Dictionary to launch it.

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