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Funding & Grants: Information Resources

Guide to information on funding and grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Foundation Directory Online Professional

Simple Search

The simplest way to search Foundation Directory Online Professional (FDO) is to enter a keyword search in the Global Search Bar.


It helps to begin with a broad search and use FDO tools to narrow it; for example, what you do, and where. You have the option to include U.S. Federal Funders, or to exclude them from your search.



FDO will interpolate categories, listed as terms at the top of your results page. You can delete any of these to modify your results -- the page will instantly refresh.

Search by Person


Another way to leverage your own funding network is to search by person, where you enter the name of a person who may have an affiliation that would be favorable to you as a grant seeker. 



Each grantmaker profile page includes Who's Who and LinkedIn links that can help you research how each person is affiliated with the specific organization. 



FDO also includes social media links on each grantmaker profile page.