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Funding & Grants: Information Resources

Guide to information on funding and grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Search Results Page

At the top of your search results page, you'll see a quick overview containing the number of grantmakers, grants, recipients, and 990 tax forms associated with your search criteria, which can help you to determine whether or not the search terms you used yielded the information you wanted. 

Clicking on each broad category brings you to a list of the top five results; the links below each box will show a complete list for each categories, with filtering options at the top of the page. 


Each "View All" page also includes options for saving the list as a PDF, exporting it as an Excel file, or sending it via e-mail. 


Clicking on hyperlinked organizations (grantmakers and recipients) and grant amounts (grant counts for recipient lists) will open up detail pages with more information: