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Funding & Grants: Information Resources

Guide to information on funding and grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

What's on the Grantmaker pages?

At the top left of each Grantmaker page, you will see a menu which may include the subsections Grants, Funding Interests, About, Other Funders to Consider or Related Organizations, Applications/RFPs and Giving Limitations, Financials, Who's Who, Communications, and Contact information. The page also indicates how recently the grantmaker's profile has been updated, in the upper left.



FDO offers quick, state-specific data & charts in specified areas of funding as well – click on the maps and charts at the top of the page to drill down.


Hover over each purple subject bar to see the exact amount of funding represented by that bar in the chart. On the map, you can view details about funding for each state by hovering over specific states. 


Clicking on the purple subject bars takes you to a more detailed chart where you can specify specific time periods and funding areas:


You can continue to drill down, clicking until you get to a breakdown of each grantee: recipient, amount, and number of grants given:



Clicking on a recipient’s name shows a list of grants that organization received. 


You can drill down similarly, to states, counties, and grant recipients, by clicking on the map


Clicking on the green bars in the chart of grant sizes takes you to a list of grants that match the criteria specified in the chart.