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Funding & Grants: Information Resources

Guide to information on funding and grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Grant Forward

Create a Profile

1.       Create an Grant Forward account (free):

o   Fill out the online form, look for e-mail confirmation, and sign in

o   (If you use Google passwords, you may wish to save your password there)


2.      Build a researcher profile (Researchers menu) to improve your search experience


o   You can input your publications manually, link to a publications webpage, or upload your cv



o   You can also add keywords specifying your interests to your profile and indicate the importance of each to your research


o   There's an optional section for education, a biography, a picture, and/or links to webpages or social media sites, including LinkedIn and, and contact information.


o   You can easily adjust the privacy settings for individual items in your profile; you can also specify how often you prefer to receive recommendation emails from Grant Forward.

Edit your Profile

You can edit your profile from the Researchers menu

The "Create Profile" option also allows you to build and share a tag cloud that shows a visualization of your research interests, based on your profile.