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Newspaper articles available through subscription databases often remove graphics and photos originally published with the article.  And for many research purposes that's okay. 

However, sometimes the original layout, graphs, and charts are important to your research.  This page gives examples of ways to get online access to original articles for free or greatly discounted rates.

New York Times

Brandeis Library now provides access to the New York Times online!

Washington Post

Student subscription rates are available for the Washington Post:

Boston Globe

News stories published by the Boston Globe are available through two websites:

  • is their subscription site, provides the full content of their news articles, and requires a subscription.
  • is free, runs a lot more ads, and only posts a limited number of the total news published by the Boston Globe.

Some articles may be accessed for free when coming from search results or social media sites such as Facebook.  A Poynter article from 2011 has the details of the launch of the subscription site, and most of the information is still accurate.

There is an educational discount to full content for college students.
Students will need to subscribe through the Campus Discount page:

Los Angeles Times

No educational discounts, but any computer is allowed to access 10 articles in a 30-day period for free.

  • Returning to the same article does not count an additional.
  • Click-throughs from social media sites do count toward that limit.