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This guide includes resources for theoretical and computational linguistics.

Recommended Databases

Find Journals

If you'd like to browse a list of journals in your discipline in OneSearch, you can:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search in Brandeis Library OneSearch.
  2. Change the search box drop-down menus to Subject contains.
  3. Type "[Subject area] -- periodicals" into the search box (e.g., Linguistics -- periodicals)

Or you can:

  1. Go to Find Journals in OneSearch.
  2. Use the Journals by Category sidebar menu to browse to journals in your discipline(s).

Search within a specific journal

If you search for a specific journal in Brandeis Library OneSearch, you can use the "Search Inside" feature to limit your search to articles from that specific journal. You can also limit search results to specific journals when searching in library databases.

Search inside sidebar facet in OneSearch.

Find Conference Papers

Find Dissertations & Theses

Browse all of Brandeis Library's dissertations & theses databases in Databases A-Z.

Connect Google Scholar to Brandeis Library

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page. Follow steps below.

1. Go to Google Scholar and click on "Settings" in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Library Links."

3. Type "Brandeis" into the search bar.

4. Select "Brandeis University - GetIt @ Brandeis!"

5. Click "Save."

What is Peer Review?

Video created by NCSU Libraries (April 2014) under Creative Commons licensing: Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial Use, Sharealike 3.0