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University Records Management

This guide, hosted by the Brandeis University Records Management (URM) program, provides information on records management best practices, URM services, and Brandeis responsibilities.








Keep Brandeis information clean:  Get rid of ROT among your Brandeis records - paper, e-documents, and email.

Cleaning Out Your Collections


What to Recycle, Delete, or Shred (The Short List)

SHRED/DELETE Duplicate Copies of HR or Financial Records, and Records Containing PII (personally identifiable information)

RECYCLE Old, External Publications and Journals (e.g. Chronicle of Higher Education)

SHRED/DELETE Duplicate Office Copies of Student Records or Employee Performance Reviews
RECYCLE External Conference Programs and Literature
RECYCLE Planning and Logistical Records for Past Events
SHRED/DELETE Unlabeled Records on Inaccessible Legacy Media
RECYCLE/DELETE Draft Documents