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*Sexuality & Queer Studies

Resources for Sexuality & Queer Studies research.

Brandeis Library OneSearch

OneSearch searches our library's physical collections as well as many of our online collections.

  • Library Catalog: Your first stop to connect to items that the Library owns or has immediate access to.
  • Brandeis and More: Your second stop if you want to broaden your search beyond Brandeis. Request materials from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Course Reserves: Search for books and films that have been set aside for your courses.
  • Archives and Special Collections: Search for rare and unique materials (both physical and digital) held by Brandeis Library.
  • Brandeis ScholarWorks: Search for research and creative work created by Brandeis faculty, students, and staff.

Find Books on a Topic

  1. Go to OneSearch.
  2. Start with a keyword search if you're not looking for a specific item. A keyword search will look for your search terms in the title, author, description, and subject fields.
  3. Use the sidebar menu on the search results page to limit your results to books and e-books.
    Resource Type: Books & EBooks.
  4. If you want to limit your results to just e-books, click Available Online in the sidebar menu.

Search Strategies

The following search strategies can be used in our library catalog, Library OneSearch and in our library databases.


  • Use AND to narrow your search. For example, using "agender AND youth" will find articles with both terms, giving your more specific results.
  • Use OR to broaden your results, such as using "latinx OR latino OR latina" will find articles that mention any of the terms, giving you more results.
  • Use NOT to filter out results with terms you don't need. For example "teenager NOT child" will filter out articles with the term "child".

Phrase Searching: Use quotation marks (" ") around your search terms to search for them as a phrase. For example, the search "Trans Studies" will return results for that exact phrase.

Truncation (*): The asterisk * will search for all variant endings of a word root. For example, feminis* will returns results for feminist, feminists, feminism, etc.

Grouping Keywords: Use parentheses ( ) around your search terms to group them together. For example, the search ("drag balls" OR "ballroom culture") AND "new york" will search for resources that mention either drag balls or ballroom culture and new york.

Create an Interlibrary Loan Account

If we don't have the book, article, or other material you need, we can probably get it for you!  Learn more about using our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Scan on Demand services.