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Resources for library research in archaeology


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Maric Kramer
Encyclopedias and other reference works can help you to gain an overview of your topic and to understand archaeological terminology and methods. Some are available online, and some are books in the library. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact a librarian!

Online Reference Works

Reference Books at the Library

The Cambridge History of Native Peoples of the Americas

The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas is an excellent multi-volume encyclopedia set; unfortunately, it must be navigated volume-by-volume. First, find the volume for your region of interest, and then look at the "front matter" to find the table of contents, to determine whether to look in Part 1 or Part 2.

Cover image of The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Volume II Mesoamerica

Volume 1: North America

Volume 2: Mesoamerica

Volume 3: South America