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AAAS 155: Hip-Hop History and Culture

Recommended resources and strategies for research in Professor Chad William's class, AAAS 155: Hip-Hop History and Culture

Using Primary Sources in Your Research

The nature of a research project will determine what can serve as a primary text. Literary critics will use literary works as primary texts, in order to find passages that will support their arguments about the meaning of literary works and their place in literary history. Historians will use documents like diaries, newspaper articles, letters, and personal narratives as primary texts, in order to create a fresh interpretation of an historical event.

More primary sources

Highlighted Resources

Newspapers and Magazines

Use the Library's OneSearch to search across many newspaper and magazine articles. Once you've done a search, you'll want to use the date limiter on the left to limit your search to the time period when your hip hop record was released. 

Additional options for newspaper and magazine articles are included below: