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ESL 1A: Critical Reading and Analytical Writing

Learn about Brandeis Library and master your research papers!

Search Tips

  • Consider subject-specific databases.  Is your topic related to history? Sociology? Psychology? Find databases for a variety of subjects in our A to Z list.
  • Spend some time brainstorming keywords and search terms. Use subject headings or descriptors to help generate more search terms.
  • When you find a good article, look at its Works Cited or list of References. This will often lead you to other useful sources.

Find Articles in OneSearch

Brandeis Library OneSearch can search across most of our article databases simultaneously. Use "All OneSearch" to get a quick overview of your topic or to find scholarly journal articles.

Image of Brandeis Library OneSearch search box, with the "All OneSearch" default selected.

Search in Article Databases

The library has many more databases available to you! Find them in our A to Z database list.

But There's Nothing Out There!

So what do you do if you feel like nothing is out there? Your searches are getting you 0 results!

This might be because the words you are using to search are too specific and narrow-- or that you are looking for one perfect source that might not exist. 

Remember, you are trying to find sources that help you to explain some aspect of your topic, not the one source that answers your question or proves your thesis. That's your job! You have a particular perspective, and your sources are there to provide support, not to steal the show!