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Robotic Software Engineering

An overview of resources and research tips for the Robotic Software Engineering program

Select Databases

The following databases are a good starting point for research in robotic software engineering. Go to A-Z Databases to see our full list of databases for robotic software engineering and other disciplines.

Search Tips for Effective Research

The following search strategies can be used in Library OneSearch and in the majority of our library databases:

Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT):

  • Use AND to narrow your search. For example, using "software engineering" AND "Moore's Law" will find articles with both terms, giving you more specific results.
  • Use OR to broaden your results, such as using "robot operating system" OR ROS will find articles with either term, giving you more results.
  • Use NOT to filter out results with terms you don't need. For example linux NOT ubuntu will filter out articles with the term "ubuntu". (This technique can produce mixed results, so it should be used with caution).

Truncation (*): The asterisk (*) replaces any number of characters and will find all forms of a word root. For example, comput* will find computer, computers, computing, computation, computational, etc.

Grouping Keywords: Use parentheses ( ) around your search terms to group them together. For example, the search ("intellectual property" OR patents) AND Microsoft will search for resources that mention Microsoft and either intellectual property or patents.