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FA 156B: Post-Impressionism and Symbolism, 1880-1910

Guide created for Professor Nancy Scott by Lisa Zeidenberg, Creative Arts Librarian, based on a guide created by Darwin Scott

Lisa Zeidenberg

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Lisa Zeidenberg
Farber Library, Floor 2

Exhibition catalogs in OneSearch

Almost every bibliographic record for an exhibition catalog includes the subject word Exhibitions:

Cézanne, Paul, 1839-1906 -- Exhibitions
Gauguin, Paul, 1848-1903 -- Exhibitions
Van Gogh, Vincent, 1853-1890 -- Exhibitions
Post-impressionism (Art) -- France -- Exhibitions
Expressionism (Art) -- Austria -- Exhibitions

In addition, almost every bibliographic record for an exhibition catalog has a description of the exhibition--and this description includes the searchable word exhibition:

Published in conjunction with the exhibition held Sept. 16, 1994-Jan. 9, 1995 at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris; Feb. 18-May 28, 1995 at the Art Institute of Chicago, and June 22-Sept. 10, 1995 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Catalog of an exhibition held at the Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lyon, Oct. 10, 2002-Jan. 6, 2003.

To find an exhibition catalog focused on an artist or a particular topic, perform a keyword search that includes the artist's name (last is usually sufficient) or the topic word or words and the search word exhibition* -- this truncation (symbol: *) will search for both the descriptive word exhibition and the subject word exhibitions.

Caveat: do not use the word exhibit (or exhibits) in your search--you might get a few results, but exhibit or exhibits is not used consistently in bibliographic records for exhibition catalogs.

So, to find all the Cézanne exhibition catalogs at Brandeis, perform this OneSearch keyword search (selecting the Library Catalog option):

cezanne exhibition*

To find all the exhibition catalogs on Post-Impressionism held by Brandeis, perform this OneSearch keyword search (also selecting the Library Catalog option):

post-impressionism exhibition*

To find all the exhibition catalogs of Post-Impressionism at Metropolitan Museum of Art held by Brandeis, perform this OneSearch keyword search (selecting the Library Catalog option):

post-impressionism exhibition* metropolitan

Exhibition reviews

  • Extremely current resource for locating the full-text of reviews or feature articles in newspapers, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, or Boston Globe.
  • Here is the best way to find art reviews and feature articles:
    • For most searches, use the News (default) option (for reviews and feature articles); only use "Search in All News" for a discovery, theft, obituary, or other newsworthy item.
    • For most searches, the the default search is sufficient; the Advanced Search requires more complex search formatting, but also allows more powerful drilling down to specific newspapers or other sources.
    • Tips for formatting searches:
      • Use key terms from the title of the exhibition and the museum holding the exhibition
      • "And" is always assumed between search words (renoir impressionism = renoir AND impressionism).
      • Use quotation marks around phrases ("barcelona and modernity"; "metropolitan museum").
  • Use this resource to search for full-text and/or citations for articles in a wide range of journals -- coverage can be very current. Note that numerous art journals are not included in this resource, however. Use this resource to search interdisciplinary or intradisciplinary periodicals.
  • Format searches as for OneSearch and WorldCat.
  • In searches, put quotes around expressions such as "museum of modern art" or "new york."

Finding exhibition catalogs located in other libraries


  • A combined (union) catalog for most of the libraries in the United States and many foreign libraries as well.
  • The best way to find books and journals not at Brandeis. 
  • You can request ILL (interlibrary loan) directly from a WorldCat record by clicking on the "Request Item" button. For more about interlibrary loan, click here.