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MUS 196B: Sound and Space: Sound Installation and Movement Staging in the Field of Music Composition

Course guide created for Erin Gee by Lisa Zeidenberg, Creative Arts Librarian

Searching Artstor for images of sound installations

Many images of works by noted sound artists in Artstor are found under the classification Sculpture and Installations, and many use the word sound, audio, speaker/s, or microphone in the Materials field. So a search for

sound OR audio OR speaker OR speakers OR microphone [select MATERIAL from the drop-down menu]

with the Sculpture and Installations Classification selected, will yield many relevant results.



Art reproductions

Provides the most organized and direct path to a huge number of image links. Here's how to find the images after clicking on Grove Art:

  • Type artist's name into search box.
  • Select article on artist from the results list.
  • After article appears, click on the "External resources" link on the lower left.

Note: when clicked, the links connect directly with the museum or image site -- click your browser's back button to return to Grove Art Online.