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Find Funding Opportunities

Some Massachusetts Sources

Funding opportunities provided by state government agencies seem harder than others to find.  Here we will look at some Massachusetts sources.  Expect each state to have its own outlets.  If you understand that a specific agency is awarding funds but you are not seeing announcements, be sure to ask for assistance.

  • Mass Humanities Grants
    • Mass Humanities funds the development of thought-provoking public humanities projects for Massachusetts audiences, bringing people together to explore the history, culture, values and beliefs that matter to communities in our state.
  • Massachusetts Office of Grants & Research
    • The Office of Grants and Research oversees the distribution and administration of grants, and conducts research, related to criminal justice, anti-drug and violence prevention education, law enforcement and traffic safety. The Office is divided into four divisions: Justice and Prevention, Highway Safety, Homeland Security and Research and Policy Analysis, which maintains the Massachusetts Statistical Analysis Center.
  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education