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Find Funding Opportunities

As You Think About Finding Funding and About Your Search Strategy

Reminders and top sources when looking for funding:


Advertised Funding Opportunities

  • Pivot is a tool intended to help expand searching and save time.  It allows searching of advertised funding opportunities from various kinds of sponsors and includes an alert option.  That is, you can ask to receive notifications about new funding opportunities that match your search or interests.
  • Essential agency.  If you do not want to miss any posts from a particular agency, be sure and follow announcements from that agency.  
  • Organizations.  Also, especially if you are thinking of travel, scholarships, or smaller awards, remember membership organizations.
  • Notifications.  Sign up for notifications when you can.


Funding Opportunities Through Foundations

  • Foundations and the Right Match.  The establishment of a foundation implies an intention to support certain causes or types of work.  We don't expect the foundation to advertise its funding opportunities; instead, those requiring support look to find the right foundation. 
  • Foundation Center.  The Foundation Center is known as the nation's leading authority on philanthropy.


Funding Opportunities Through Grants

  • Grants.  Many government agencies (state or federal), as well as non-governmental organizations, offer grants for specific purposes or projects. If your research areas of interest are a match, you may want to consider grants as a source of funding.
  • GrantForward.  The GrantForward database is the best source of information on Grants along with searching the websites of specific government and non-governmental organizations if you have a specific agency or entity in mind.