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ArcGIS Online and Story Maps

Create a map

  1. Sign into your Brandeis ArcGIS Online account.
  2. Select the Map tab.
  3. Click the Basemap button to select your basemap (i.e., background reference map). You can change your basemap at any time or select one of the basemaps in the Living Atlas.
  4. Zoom to your area of interest. You can set the default view (extent) for your map in the item details page for your map.
  5. Use the Add button to add layers to your map.
  6. Use the Change Style option for individual layers to change its symbology (e.g., color, transparency, symbols, data classes, etc.)
  7. Configure pop-ups for your layers. This feature is located under the ellipsis menu (...) for the layer.
  8. Use the Legend tab to preview the legend for your map. You can rename layers under the ellipsis menu for the individual layers.
  9. Save your map. The title and tags fields are required. Your map and layers will save to the My Content section of ArcGIS Online. Remember to save often. ArcGIS Online requires an internet connection so you don't want to lose any work if your wifi signal drops, etc.

Customize a map

Before you leave Brandeis

Transfer your ArcGIS Online content before leaving Brandeis

If you'd like to retain access to your ArcGIS Online map content after leaving Brandeis, you will need to transfer your maps, web apps, and associated data to a non-Brandeis account. Here are some methods for preserving your content: