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ArcGIS Online and Story Maps

Share a map

When you first create content in ArcGIS Online, the content is only visible to you. You can use the share button to share your layers and web maps with:

  • Specific groups on Brandeis ArcGIS Online
  • All Brandeis ArcGIS Online users
  • Everyone (the public)

You can also use the share button to link to your map, share your map on social media, or embed your map in a website.

Create a group

You can create a Brandeis ArcGIS Online Group and invite other Brandeis ArcGIS Online users if you want to privately share map content with them. This option will only provide view access to your content. It won't provide your groupmates with editing access to the content you share.

You will need to contact our GIS librarian if you would like your groupmates to have editing and update capabilities for content shared in an ArcGIS Online. Please submit the following information with your request if you would like to have an ArcGIS Online group space with editing/update capabilities:

  • Group Name (required)
  • Tags for the group (required)
  • Summary describing the group's purpose (optional)
  • Brandeis ArcGIS Online usernames for collaborators that should be added to the group (required). We can only add people if they've logged into their Brandeis ArcGIS Online accounts. Once we've created the group space, we can provide you with permissions to add new members to the group.
  • View, update, editing capabilities (required): this is how we can specify if your group is visible to just group members, people on Brandeis ArcGIS Online, or the general public. Note: You can have a private group for people who need to edit/update maps and then have a publicly available version of your maps.

Before you leave Brandeis

Transfer your ArcGIS Online content before leaving Brandeis

If you'd like to retain access to your ArcGIS Online map content after leaving Brandeis, you will need to transfer your maps, web apps, and associated data to a non-Brandeis account. Here are some methods for preserving your content: