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ArcGIS Online and Story Maps

Supported File Formats

A variety of file formats can be used in ArcGIS Online, including:

  • .shp (shapefiles, saved in .zip format)
  • .csv (comma separated value)
  • .gpx (GPS exchange format)
  • .kml, .kmz (keyhole markup language files, with some limitations)
  • etc.

Add content to ArcGIS Online

Upload a new file to My Content menu:

  • Sign in Brandeis ArcGIS Online.
  • Go to Content > My Content.
  • Click Add Item.
  • Browse to the file you want to upload.
  • Fill out required text fields (e.g., title, tags). If uploading a .csv file, check that the appropriate location fields, time zone, etc. have been selected.
  • Fill out optional text fields, if desired.
  • Click Add Item to upload file to My Content.
  • You can add/edit additional details about your file on its Item Details page after the file has been uploaded to My Content.

Note: You can also add your uploaded files from ArcGIS Online's map viewer by selecting Add > Search for Layers > My Content.

Use ArcGIS Online content in ArcMap