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FA42B: The Age of Cathedrals

Course resource guide created for Professor Charles McClendon by Lisa Zeidenberg, Creative Arts Librarian

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Search tips

Subject keywords in OneSearch

Most library materials on cathedrals are classified under the heading "Cathedrals" or a sub-heading of that category. A few cathedral records appear in a different form in OneSearch (Lichfield Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral). Therefore, it's best to use truncation when searching the OneSearch Library Catalog tab: entering cathedral* into a search box will search for any word variants that begin with the letters preceding the truncation character:

cathedral* searches for cathedral or cathedrals 

To find general works on cathedrals, search "cathedral*" and [country] as subject keywords using the Advanced Search option of the OneSearch Library Catalog tab. If you are searching for a specific cathedral, add that to your search as well, as a keyword rather than a subject (so that you get any book or item that mentions your cathedral, even if the item itself isn't exclusively about your cathedral).  For example, a search for cathedral* and England as subjects, and Ely as keyword yields the following results:

Subject contains: cathedral*
Subject contains: england
Anywhere in record is (exact): ely

You can also do a general search for cathedrals in Europe: search cathedral* as subject and Europe as keyword:

Subject contains: cathedral*
Anywhere in record is (exact): europe

Related keywords include

  • Architecture, Medieval
  • Architecture, Gothic

Search these words as subject keywords; add your cathedral (or Europe) as a keyword to the search. For example:

Subject is (exact): architecture, medieval
Anywhere in record contains: england gloucester

Subject is (exact): architecture, gothic
Anywhere in record contains: france rouen

Subject is (exact): architecture, medieval
Anywhere in record is (exact): europe

These same search strategies will often apply for searching databases as well.