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The Choice Tool in LATTE is a popular way to schedule 1:1 appointments with students! 

Create a appointment sign up

1. Turn Edition On in your course. 

2. Click "+ Add an activity or resource" 

3. Select "Choice" from the activity chooser 

4. In the Options section, limit the number of responses allowed. Change the drop-down menu from No to Yes

5. In each Option, enter the time and date of a possible meeting time

6. In the Limit field, enter 1 to restrict the number of people who can sign up for each meeting time

Note: If you need more than 5 meeting times, click the "add 3 fields to form" button on the bottom to add more options

7. Click save and ask your student to book their appointment time

View Responses

1. In the Choice activity, you will be able to see the question and the answer choices (photo 1). Then, click View Responses to see the responses (photo 2) of each student.


Delete Responses

If you'd like to re-use the came Choice activity to book appointments, you can simply delete the responses gathered so far, which will re-open the appointment time slot. To delete the meetings scheduled through the Choice tool, you can do so from the "view responses" page.

1. Open the View Responses page of the Choice activity.

2. Click on the check box in front of each student's name to select all the responses you want to delete.

3. Locate the box with a drop-down menu called "with selected". Expand the "with selected" drop-down menu to click on the delete button. 

Select responses and click delete.