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LATTE messaging is communication that can occur between all enrolled students in the course.

How To

LATTE has user-to-user messaging!

Here's how to use it.

  1. Log in to LATTE. Look for the new User Menu in the upper right corner of the page. Open this menu and select 'Messages'.

  2. This will open the message page, where you can see and send messages. Under message navigation, you can browse people you've added as contacts, or select one of your courses to choose from among the course participants. If you have set a profile image, it will show in the message page as well as the User Menu. You may add or remove contacts using the links below the person's image, or block someone entirely.

  3. If you would like to block all messages except those from your contacts, you may do so by going to the Administration block and selecting the 'Messaging' settings under the profile settings heading. Scroll to the bottom to the General Settings and check 'Prevent non-contacts from messaging me'.