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Grading and Providing Feedback


Feedback files are feedback that is attached to either individual assignments or bulk assignments in the Gradebook.

Enable Feedback Files for Assignments

  1. Log into LATTE and access your course page 
  2. Create an assignment 
  3.  In the assignment settings, scroll down until you see "Feedback Types" 
  4. Open the menu, and you will see several options: 
    1. Feedback comments  (create a comment box)
    2. Feedback files (create a place for you to upload a file)
    3. Offline grading worksheet (create a downloadable spreadsheet to enter in grades that you can upload to grade book)  

  5. Select the desired option, and continue to change any other settings
  6. Click "Save and return to course" 

Please do not change the title of the document when adding feedback or comments. If you choose to bulk-upload feedback files, each file must have the same title as when downloaded.

Individual Feedback Files

Once students have uploaded their assignments, you can upload the assignments by: 
  1. Open the assignment on your course page 
  2. Select "Grade" on the grading summary page 

  3. Select the student response to upload a file and grade 
  4. Scroll the right-hand column down to see all the grading options 
  5. Give the student a grade if desired 

  6. Locate the "Feedback File" option, and upload the student's paper 

  7. Check or uncheck the "Notify students" button if you want the student to receive an e-mail notification 

  8. Click "Save changes" 
  9. The student will now be able to see the uploaded file in the gradebook along with the grade if the gradebook is shown to students 


Bulk-Upload Feedback Files

The trick to bulk-uploading feedback files is that all the files must have the same name as when you downloaded them, so LATTE knows which file goes to each student. 

To bulk-upload feedback files:

1. Click on the assignment name in LATTE to access the summary page, and click "view all submissions".
2. From the Grading Action drop-down menu, select "upload multiple feedback files in a zip"

3. Locate the folder containing your feedback files on your computer
4. Select all the files (Ctrl+A within the folder), then zip them:
## On Windows: Right click one of the selected files and Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
## On Mac: Right Click (or Ctrl+click) one of the selected files and click Compress

5. Return to LATTE and click "choose a file" and upload the zipped file to LATTE
6. Click "import feedback files"
7. A confirmation box should appear, click "confirm"
8. The next screen should display a summary of how many students have been given feedback.
9. Click "continue" and the files are now uploaded for each student. 

Students will not be able to access feedback files, comments, or grades if the gradebook or assignment is hidden.